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The Platypus

The platypus is an egg laying mammal exclusively found in Australia.  They are very shy creatures, but a lot of work is now being done to learn more about them in the wild.  I hope you find the video clip, courtesy of National Geographic interesting to watch; it may give you an insight into these little mammals, indeed, may even be your first encounter with a platypus.  Their scientific name is Ornithorrhynchus anatinus.

These curios of Nature are found south from the State of Tasmania and along the eastern parts of Australia and just within the borders of South Australia, in freezing waters of the Australian Alps (yes, we get snow here!) to the warm rivers and lagoons of tropical Queensland.  They are classed as mammals because although they are egg laying monotremes, their young are suckled and reared on milk from the mother.  The female lays two, sometimes three eggs at a time, which are stuck together until they hatch after an unknown gestation period.  

All in all one of the strangest yet most endearing of creatures, they are favourites of mine..  I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the life of a true Aussie, the playtpus, on this, our official Australia Day, 26th January 2011.

 Infant platypi with mother in nest

Well developed platypi young

Platypus country



Captions I Couldn't Resist!

I received these pix in a recent email, and loved the captions so much I decided to blog them.  I can't pick a fave, though the Bluebird Of Happiness is a strong contender!  Even if you've seen them before, I hope they make you smile, or, even better, laugh out loud!  A smile on your dial costs nothing, after all  :)  And animals are just the best!


Is Failure Real?

This is a prayer I received in my Inbox this morning.  I loved its message of hope and understanding, so I thougut I'd share it with you. Like many other folks, I often feel like I've failed at something; at least now I have a different perspective to soothe a troubled mind: I have learned, rather than failed.  This concept appeals to me immensely  :) 

Lord, are you trying to tell me something?
Failure does not mean I'm a failure;
It does mean I have not yet succeeded.
Failure does not mean I have accomplished nothing;
It does mean I have learned something.
Failure does not mean I have been a fool;
It does mean I had enough faith to experiment.
Failure does not mean I have disgraced;
It does mean I have dared to try.
Failure does not mean I don't have it;
It does mean I have something to do in a different way.
Failure does not mean I am inferior;
It does mean I am not perfect.
Failure does not mean I have wasted my life;
It does mean that I have an excuse to start over.
Failure does not mean that I should give up;
It does mean that I should try harder.
Failure does not mean that I will never make it;
It does mean that I need more practice.
Failure does not mean that you have abandoned me;
It does mean that you must have a better idea.

~ Penelope ~